You know what they say about all work and no play.


I kept a Magic 8-Ball on my law office desk. It proved handy when clients tried to pressure me into making their decisions for them. I'd hand over the 8-Ball and its mysterious powers invariably elicited a decision (though no client ever actually picked up the ball and eyed its advice in these circumstances). If you need a nudge or would enjoy random commentary, here are some online sources:


  • Anagram Insanity Cut opponents down to size by scrambling their names.
  • What Ho! Another Logic Challenge -- A new logic puzzle each month, with scenarios featuring characters from the works of P.G. Wodehouse
  • Shark Talk -- Like Hangman, only with legal jargon and a briefcase-clutching, bloodthirsty shark
  • Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg -- Guide a sleepwalking diplomat through the perils of the night (and kiss the next couple of hours goodbye!)



  • Little Jack Melody -- Singular instrumentation -- electric banjo, saxophone, clarinet, tuba, harmonium and drums -- and a sardonic, world-weary intelligence distinguish this neo-cabaret minimalist orchestra nonpareil. Little Jack Melody himself has a direct feed to Kurt Weill and a knack, in live performance, for pushing things to the edge of mayhem. The band's cover repertoire includes a sing-along Beethoven's Ninth (auf Deutsch), the definitive interpretation of Petula Clark's "I Know a Place" and a turn on "Send in the Clowns" that gives the song its just desserts. If this were my planet, these guys would be millionaires. Listen for yourself (a) to RealAudio files from all four of their albums at the site; (b) to MP3 files of their songs here.
  • The Banded Geckos -- Acoustic folk/rock/swing, with crystalline harmonies, and some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. RealAudio excerpts are here.
  • James Steeber -- Like Fats Waller's musical style? It's called stride, and this man is a pro at it.


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