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Thriving in Times of Change: A Guided VisualizationMy New CD: Thriving in Times of Change

Review your life, let go of the past and explore the future with a relaxing but insight-provoking guided visualization. More info.

The Lawyer's Guide to Internet ResearchThe Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research

"One of the best guides to Internet legal research available. Highly recommended." -- Jerry Lawson, author of The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers (ABA 1999)

The Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research by Kathy Biehl and Tara Calishain leads lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and students through the transition from traditional to Internet research, and teaches them how to use the Internet to do the same work that they have been doing for years in their offices and libraries.

Buy the book online through the Cafe Compendium Bookshelf, in association with

Got the book? Refer to this Website for an expanded table of contents, virtual pocket parts and a bulletin board where you can post Internet research questions.

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