Cafe Compendium features tasty excerpts from Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology.

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  1. Cautionary tales of weddings that really happened:   

            Fools’ Paradise (Morris Dancing and Moos)

            Wedding Bell Blues (solstice-tide equal opportunity goddess nuptials)

            Till ? Do Us Part (in which class goes out the window)

  1. I Love a Parade! A front row view of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade

  2. The Continuing Saga of a Boy and His Truck

  3. The Seventh Dwarf of the Apocalypse reveals its loathsome identity.

  4. Field Guide to Astrological Types

  5. 101 Ways to Sabotage Your Date Plagiarized across the Web and around the globe, this is the original. Scout's honor.

  6. Man and Amanuensis: The Wag-Log will tell more than you want to know about a beat-up, battered bust of a dead composer, which has traveled more in a couple of years than most people do in a lifetime.

  7. The Sally Rogers Syndrome. Straight men divulge what makes a woman one of the guys. For real.

  8. The Perils of Professional Christmas Caroling

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The Wisdom of the LFTSCofUA:  Laws of Existence we have identified, tested and lived

The Compendiblog: morsels of Compendium-worthy observations

Demitasse: a vintage sip of the Compendium’s first days online

A Solstice Tale: Theater under the stars...and streetlights

BeastWatchTM: Tracking that rough beast as he slouched toward Bethlehem to be born

Join me on a photo-filled, award-winning weird tour of Houston.


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